Why consider nature related risks?

Every business, either intrinsically or externally, is linked to the natural environment. Nature risks due to over-consumption and climate change are evident and adverse consequences are imminent. Businesses will have to grapple with increasing costs and supply chain challenges. Organisations must integrate solutions to reduce dependency on natural resources. Incorporating natural capital into your business operations and supply chain processes will optimise returns and ensure long term resilience of your business.

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team working on computer
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of wild animal populations
have been lost due to
human activity1


of all plants have been
killed due to human activity1


of all animal species are
currently threatened by

1.2 billion

people are highly
dependant on nature for
their livelihood3

$125 trillion

is provided by nature
towards livelihood and
wellbeing each year3

$44 trillion

of the worlds economic
output is dependant on

Impact Case Study

Below are potential case studies of businesses who would look to mitigate their nature risks leveraging the natue impact solution

Testimonial Image

Company X

• Uses the Nature Impact to understand and report nature related actions
• Keeps abreast with environmental regulations and legislations
• Restructures and repositions assets to avoid climate change disruptions
• Meets evolving consumer demands: 81% of consumers are now interested in shopping more sustainably and are more willing to pay for sustainable products
• Has access to grants and loans exclusively for eco-friendly companies
• Leverages ecosystem services; pollination, flood prevention, clean water supplies

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